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Now that you have made this investment, the true test will be on how well you take care of it. We want your landscaping to thrive.


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Helpful Care Guide and Frequently Asked Questions

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Watering: You should start watering as soon as possible. Do not over water during germination period (7-10 days). Move sprinkler every 15 to 20 minutes. Once wet, do not allow to completely dry. After 10 days, begin deeper less frequent watering 45 minutes to one hour per area.


Straw: Begin watering immediately to help keep straw on. Any piles of blown straw should be respread. Any bare spots should be restrawn.


Moving: Lawn may be mowed when needed (usually in about three weeks). Mow lawn high, no shorter than tree inches. Keep blades sharp.


Fertilizer: New lawns need lots of fertilizer. Fertilize every four to six weeks for first year (follow manufacturer directions). Watch color of grass. When color weakens, fertilize. No weed killer for first two months. Do not fertilize during hot weather.

Watering: Amount of water needed for each type of plant differs. Larger balled and burlaped plants and trees require less frequent watering. Smaller container plants and flowers need more frequent watering. Rainfall and temperature determine watering needs. During rainy, cooler weather be careful not to over water. During hot dry weather, plants may require daily watering. When watering is needed be sure to saturate the entire root zone are. Do not use sprinkler or water plants. Trees and plants planted in heavy clay soil are easy to drown. Do not over water.


Fertilizer: All plants and trees should be fertilized after one month. Be sure to use proper type and amount for each particular plant, tree or flower. Continue to fertilize according to manufacturer directions for the life of the plant.


Disease and insects: Closely inspect plants and trees for problems. Follow manufacturer’s directions. When self-treating plants call one of our professional care experts if you have any questions.


Mulching: Remulching is recommended to help retain soil moisture and appearance. Ask about landscaping tune-ups.


Trimming and pruning: Be sure you know how to prune each difference plant species. Read books or ask Blanton Landscaping for information on how and when to trim and prune.

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